Do you need a font manager?

As a professional, you often have to work with different fonts? Do you wish to lighten such work? Then you really need the Font Manager, with the help of which you will be able to:

-         Simultaneously preview lots of installed fonts;

-         See patterns of fonts, which are located in different directories, CDs and DVDs, but which are not yet installed;

-         Install new fonts;

-         Uninstall unnecessary fonts;

-         Print font patterns out;

-         Get supplementary information about fonts.

All these and other features are available in Advanced Font Viewer, a program which has become one of the leaders in fonts-management software. The program conciliated users by easiness of use, along with great features of fonts management and previewing.

Why Advanced Font Viewer as a font manager?

The program, being an accessory tool, will not take time for familiarizing with it, and allows you to start working right away, since it has an intuitive interface.

The program has been developed according to users’ requests. As a result, this led to creation of a tool with wide range of potentialities, which would satisfy most of your needs.

The policy of free perpetual updates will not require any additional costs form you.

Demo version of the program is available for testing during 21 days. Test the program and make a decision on your own.


-         Reasonable price and free updates;

-         Wide range of features and a friendly interface;

-         The program is alive and continues to develop;

Do not save on tools!